Assisted Living

We focus on Needs

Creating the "Home away from Home", our assisted living residences are personalised to each individual. Residents are made comfortable surrounded by personal items and familiar furniture.

Complete with en-suite bathrooms that ensure privacy but never too far away from a helping hand to deal with all kinds of emergencies.

Assisted Living

Assisted living private residences with en-suite bathrooms permit residents to age in place, meaning that even as their health care needs increase, they will not have to relocate to another senior living home to receive that care, such as skilled nursing, medication control, or GP consultations.

We assess the individual's ability to perform activities of daily living regularly, and adapt the care plan accordingly.

All medication are carefully controlled and only dispensed by the registered nurse on duty. The medication is pre-packaged according to dispensing requirements by a qualified pharmacist in order to ensure that all medication is correctly administered. Medical doctor's rooms are available on the premises to ensure easy access to a doctor for all our residents.

Meals are prepared under the close supervision of a qualified chef, supported by qualified sous chefs. Menus are approved by a registered dietician, meeting the specific dietary requirements for the senior citizen, also taking into account any other specific dietary preferences.