Home & Day Care

We focus on Independence

In order to assist active ageing, home care from Aldem includes evaluating and establishing individual needs, based upon independent activities of daily living, taking into account habits, routines, cultural, physical, social and personal demands.

Our Home Care services are accredited and of high quality, delivered by professional nurses or qualified care workers who have received additional certified training.

Home/Day Care

We offer you quality home-based care services in the comfort of your home. Your loved one receives care from accredited nurses or care givers and continues to live in the familiar surroundings of the home despite any illness or condition.

At Aldem Health Care we offer companionship and meaningful, supervised activities during the day, while giving the caregiver at home a much needed break. The resident will be part of activities scheduled, enjoy meals prepared by our qualified chef in the company of peers, and receive medical treatments.

We aim to support the health, nutritional, social, and daily living needs of the elderly by stimulating cognitive functions, providing social interaction, and medical services if required. Observing and interacting with your loved one allows us to render professional advice on any questions you have.