Sub-Acute Care

We focus on Recovery

Sub-acute or rehabilitation care is not only for the elderly. Recovering from an illness, injury or medical procedure can be as short-term as a few weeks or as long-term as a few months.

Convalescent care provides a home-like environment during post-surgery recovery or injury recovery, and can even be used as a transitional form of care following stroke or a lengthy illness. It is designed to allow patients to transition to their independent lifestyle when they are strong and healthy enough to do so.

Sub-acute Care

ALDEM offers a cost effective inpatient program providing support by skilled professionals in the recovery from illness, injury, or surgery.

A patients’ care plans are prescribed and monitored by a doctor. Our convalescent care facilities are goal-oriented, with the ultimate goal being to help patients return to their independent lifestyles.

The burden of caring for a patient or providing a safe environment during the recovery period is alleviated. Our convalescent care facilities provide the medical care the patient needs and are staffed with in-house doctors, therapists and nurses.